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Suzanne is a health psychologist whose aim is to work with you in understanding your personal challenges and from this provide you with the support, guidance and tools to fit your goals. Services include the management of stress and anxiety and working with processes of personal change and life transition. Her areas of focus also include coping with cancer and men’s health and wellbeing.   


Client-centred care has been a focus of Suzanne’s career, drawing on techniques from therapies that work to empower individuals and draw on their strengths. Her approach integrates cognitive behavioural practice, acceptance and commitment strategies, mindfulness, and emerging models of self-compassion.  She is recognised internationally for her work in helping people in their yearnings to cope with illness, manage stress and anxiety, improve health and well-being, and navigate life changes.


Suzanne will provide you with a brief assessment package in advance of your first session. 

If you wish to claim a Medicare rebate you will need to obtain a GP referral before your session as outlined below.

Standard consultations are 50 minutes in length. Services are available face to face and through telehealth.

Fee Schedule

Medicare rebates

Private Health Insurance

Medicare rebates can be obtained for clients who have a General Practitioner referral under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Scheme. This scheme provides limited rebates for up to ten sessions each calendar year.  The General Practitioner referral needs to be obtained in advance of the first session.


The Medicare rebate for Focussed Psychological Therapy under the Better Access scheme is $87.45 for a 50 minute session. Medicare rebates for telehealth are currently available.


Clients who have reached the reach the General Threshold may be eligible for the Medicare benefit and 

up to 80% of the out of pocket amount. For non-concessional singles and families the threshold is $2,169.20. 


Note: Medicare information current as of February 9 2021.  

Private Health Insurance eligibility and rebates are determined by the respective health fund. Please contact your health fund for advice about current rebates that you may be eligible for.

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